Almost half way through…

So I took a break from studies last term in order to sit for the GRE as the University of Florida requires this of all Graduate level students. Up to last term, I was in the Certificate program, which is composed of 4 courses. I had completed 3 successfully, so it was now or never, if I wanted to pursue the Master’s. Naturally, I wanted to see if, after a 20 year hiatus from active studying, I’d be able to have the discipline to do the work, not to mention deal with the time commitment.

After taking the GRE on the 23rd of October, I was accepted to the Master’s program on November 18th. You can imagine my excitement.

Many have asked, “Why pursue a Master’s, you have so much experience, you’ve accomplished so much?” Well, the fact is furthering one’s education is always a positive thing.

I’m also the Director and Owner of Velocity Social Media, a complete internet marketing company based in Miami, Fl.  I’ve learned in this “marketing” industry here in Miami, everyone seems to be an expert in all things related to digital marketing. Yet, when it boils down to it, how much do they really know vis a vis, what they claim to know?  Why have I been able to grow?  My clients seek my services because of competitors’ failed attempts at their many promises.

The buck stops with me. A Master’s Degree in my field from a prestigious university such as the University of Florida adds credibility. I put my money where my mouth is. At this point in my life, 45 years old, running a successful business, taking the time to study from an already hectic schedule is a sacrifice. The financial cost is also steep. It’s an all-around commitment.

I’m pleased to advise my current GPA is 3.89. And I will continue to work hard to maintain this high average. It’s important to me and it reflects my success in both learning and applying what I am learning.

While most of my classmates are younger, I’ve found bouncing ideas from one other has been mutually beneficial. There hasn’t been one term where I’ve not learned something from a peer which I’ve not applied to one of my clients’ work.

This degree is a win-win situation for us all.

I expect this term to be no different. I hope to continue to learn from my classmates as well as my experience helping them through my daily activities. I want to continue to learn how to improve my clients digital presence. How can I help my clients improve their ROI via their digital marketing? How can I improve my own company’s brand, Velocity Social Media, “Your Brain Online”.

Want to get to know me a little better?  Have a look at me here, on my About Me page.

So, stay tuned and please continue to “follow me” in my graduate and career journey in this next phase of my graduate career…


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