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Ana Veloso of Velocity Social Media, Your Brain Online

My name is Ana Veloso.   I’m a graduate of Tufts University in Medford, MA.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and Spanish Literature.  I live in Coral Gables, Florida, a suburb within Miami, which I refer to as “Paradise.”

Until 2010, I was a very successful commodities trader, specializing in the purchase and sale of cattle hides for the leather market.  I purchased hides mainly from the United States and exported these worldwide, mostly to Mexico and China.  I was one of a handful of women owning their own trading firm.  The financial crisis of 2008 decimated this business.  Soon following the events of September 2008, the domestic market became monopolized by behemoths Conagra, Tyson and Excel, leaving little room for smaller trading companies such as mine.  Life changed forever very suddenly.  For lack of a better description, I was genuinely frightened for my future for the first time in my adult career. I had only read about such crises.  I never thought I’d live through one.

I sold my beautiful home in Coral Gables, FL and headed out west to another lovely home I still own in the mountains of Vail, AZ, a community outside of Tucson.  Christmas of 2010 proved pivotal when dear friends from Miami came to visit and told me, “Girl you gotta get on LinkedIn!”  I immediately asked, “What’s LinkedIn?”  The rest is history…

Though I initially worked for a startup in Scottsdale, AZ, today, I am the owner of my own social media management firm, Velocity Social Media,  “Your Brain Online”.  I returned to Miami to tap my network of closest friends and business owner.  Though they never dealt with me on a business level before with hides and leather, they knew my values well.

My friends supported me.   Today, though I’m not at the same level of income as in the height of my illustrious cattle hide trading career, I can not complain.   Through my friends’ help, referrals and my network of business associations, my boutique firm is growing rapidly.

I was initially in the Certificate program at the University of Florida.  I had been away from school since my college graduation in 1992 and really did not know how I’d do after not having studied for so long.  I sat for the GRE in the Fall (I detest standardized tests) and was fortunate to be accepted just before Thanksgiving.  I am grateful.  I am not a good tester but I am a diligent student.

Though I am probably the oldest student in most of my classes, I have learned so much valuable information from my younger classmates. Likewise, I believe they have learned from my experience.  I hope to learn how to better apply aspects of a field which are constantly changing to better my clients’ digital presence.  I would like to better learn how the different social media platforms can increase exposure and overall ROI to my clients’ bottom lines.

My clients are mainly in Miami, however, we have a few throughout other parts of the USA.  I also have international clients in Brazil and Argentina.

Though I’ve been in the USA since I was 1 year old, I was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.  I am fluent in four languages, including Spanish, French and Portuguese. Though born in Cuba, my ancestors stem from Spain and France.  My maternal grandfather was a graduate of Columbia University in metallurgical engineering at the turn of the 19th century.  He traveled to and from NYC and Santiago de Cuba on a boat, before passports had even been issued!

I’ve been very fortunate and privileged to have traveled to over 80 countries on all 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica).  My travel partner is my mother, my best friend, who will turn 83 later this month.   I have two brothers.  My older brother, Ezio, is a diplomat with the US State Department.   My younger brother, Earl, is an executive with Intel.  Both brothers are U.S. Veterans having served in BOTH Gulf Wars.  I am very proud of them.

When not working and traveling, I am a USTA 4.0 rated amateur tennis player.  This provides a wonderful escape from stress and overall FUN.  I play both singles and doubles several times per week.  I also enjoy scuba diving.  I’m in the process of obtaining by PADI Advance scuba diving license but expect I’ll wait until the warmer waters of spring.

I love all animals, but particularly dogs. I have 3 dachshunds, Bella, Biggie and a Chiweenie (mix of doxy and chihuahua), Maggie.

Though very busy with work and school, I manage to maintain a healthy and active social life.  Quite frankly, I enjoy being busy.  I never want to feel as I did between late 2008 and early 2011.

I work, therefore, I am.



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